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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Not your usual suspects II: Frank Beckwith converts

As of this morning, I have just learned of the recent conversion of one of my favorite Christian legal theorists, Baylor professor Francis Beckwith. (Hillsdale College readers will recall that he is a close colleague and friend of our own Michael Bauman. Beckwith was also the current president of the Evangelical Theological Society at the time of his conversion)

Check out his website and related blog for his conversion story: "I thought it wise for me to err on the side of the Church with historical and theological continuity with the first generations of Christians that followed Christ’s Apostles." Check out his blog in future for excellent (and Catholic) political and legal theory.

As many of you may know, there has been a slow and steady trickle of serious, famous, and formerly very Protestant academics entering the Catholic Church in the past few years.

First there was Scott Hahn, a brilliant Calvinist Biblical scholar... who is now one of the RC's chief apologists. (I've recently become acquainted with his purely Scriptural defenses of papal primacy, Marian devotion, the sacraments, etc. Folks, his Biblical proofs are as sound and thorough as can be) Check out hisSt. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, which is becoming a favorite resource of mine.

Next there was R.R. Reno and his friend, the future saint Bruce Marshall. (That one was a shocker; more about that here)