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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pat Robertson... In Bed With the Milquetoast

God bless him... Rudy Giuliani. Believes in marriage between a man and a woman. Yet, he has been divorced twice and supports same-sex domestic partnerships to secure equal protection under the law. He wants to reduce abortion, but seems to have no desire to protect life. A while back, Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis said clearly that he would not allow him to receive the Eucharist.

And now we hear that Pat Robertson, founder of the ACLJ, and defender of the rights of the Chinese to have their "one-child" policy, (ooh, ooh... he thinks we should have just shot Hugo Chavez) rises to represent Christians by endorsing Rudy Giuliani.


This is where I just wish the Pope would stick his neck out there and openly endorse candidates.