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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Private Litany of the Holy Spirit

Father all-powerful, have mercy on us.

Jesus, Eternal Son of the Father, Redeemer of the world, save us.
Spirit of the Father and the Son, boundless life of both, sanctify us.
Holy Trinity, hear us.

Holy Spirit, Who proceedest from the Father and the Son, Who art equal to the Father and the Son, enter our hearts.

Promise of God the Father,
Ray of heavenly light,
Author of all good,
Source of heavenly water
Consuming fire
Ardent charity
Spiritual unction
Spirit of love and truth
Spirit of wisdom and understanding
Spirit of counsel and fortitude
Spirit of knowledge and piety
Spirit of the fear of the Lord
Spirit of grace and prayer
Spirit of peace and meekness
Spirit of modesty and innocence
Holy Spirit, the Comforter
Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier
Holy Spirit, Who governest the Church
Gift of God,
Who fillest the universe,
Spirit of the adoption of the children of God, have mercy on us.

Holy Spirit, inspire us with horror of sin,
Come and renew the face of the earth
Shed Thy light in our souls
Engrave Thy law in our hearts
Inflame us with the flame of Thy love
Open to us the treasures of Thy graces
Teach us to pray well
Enlighten us with Thy heavenly inspirations
Lead us in the way of salvation
Grant us the only necessary knowledge
Inspire in us the practice of good
Grant us the merits of all virtues
Make us persevere in justice
Be Thou our everlasting reward.