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Monday, February 01, 2010

A Wedding

My husband and I were joined in the sacrament of marriage on the Feast of the Holy Family, 2009. 

To celebrate my (hopeful) return to this little blog, I am making available a link to a slideshow of some of our photos, here. The celebration was everything we could have hoped; a glimpse into the joys of Heaven that the Church makes tangible here and now, particularly in and through her families, who in each and every Christian household display a microcosm of the whole joyous throng. This is the meaning of the domestic church: the life of the Christian family cooperates with the God who renews His creation and His Church, and as such utters a robust refusal to enter the shadows of death and diminution. 

My wonderful husband and I hoped to make this enactment of Christian life manifest in the small details of our celebration- lots of children, vibrant music, the joy of the Incarnation at Christmas, and little hints of fruitfulness. We entrusted ourselves and our lives together to our Lord Jesus Christ.