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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Self Indulgence on the Day of Rest

Total Weekend Therapy, and a good way to break the ice and make introductions. Thanks, dear MM.

Accent: Awful midwestern, especially when I'm nervous or argumentative
Chore I Hate: taking out trash and refilling humidifiers
Dog or Cat: Deer, lots of them
Essential Electronics: Mac ibook, and pod, new pink razor cell that is adorable!
Favorite Cologne(s): soap and White Linen
Gold or Silver: usually silver or white gold
Hometown: Heaven
Insomnia: sometimes, usually involves typing, pasting, or packing
Job Title: student--only for three more weeks!
Kids: only nieces and one upcoming nephew
Living arrangements: currently in my first house in Sandia foothills
Most admirable trait: husband says my intuition
Overnight hospital stays: mother had appendicitis while I was in womb
Phobias: bad sounds, avian flu, employment
Quote: "Be slow to chuse your friends and slower to leave them"--B. Franklin (and he did spell it with a u)
Religion: Christian, PCA, Holy Catholic Church as understood in Apostle's Creed
Siblings: oldest of 4--2 sisters and 1 brother
Time I wake up: Between 6-8 generally--and 5 on snowdays
Unusual talent or skill: was told I'm a prophetess by Christian high school Algebra teacher
Vegetable I refuse to eat: plain radiches
Worst habit: failure to acknowledge bad habits
X-rays: too many
Yummy stuff I cook: lately things with homemade crusts (quiche, pie, tarts)
Zodiac sign: Aquarius