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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Since I received a new iPod Nano for my birthday in June, I have been listening to a lot more podcasts, or rather the same podcasts, but more frequently. Many of them I have incorporated into my daily devotions and/or are of a religious nature and are edifying and enlivening for the heart and mind. I thought I'd list some here (many of you may already know of these) and see if anyone else had some suggestions for some really good ones. All of these are available through iTunes.

Verbum Domini
, the daily scripture readings from the Roman Catholic Liturgical cycle. (>5min)

Pray-as-you-go, a product of the Jesuit Media Initiative, this is essentially a lectio divina/reflection on the one of the scripture readings for that week. They usually play some nice music and prompt you to consider how to live the Gospel on a daily basis. (10-12min)

Daily Breakfast with Father Roderick, no doubt you're familiar with the DB. Commentary on news, culture, movies, tv, music, technology, health, latin lessons, all from a Catholic perspective. Primarily, but not entirely aimed at the under-30 set. (I wish he'd shorten his theme songs, but otherwise, probably my favorite.) Fr. has created his own network, SQPN, to produce the show. (30-60min)

Rosary Army with Greg and Jennifer Willets, similar to above, but decidely family-oriented, covering topics like finances and grocery shopping. Not totally my bag. But good. Also an SQPN show. (45min)

I've also discovered that Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac is now available through podcasts. Which is great, since otherwise you have to get up about 5.30am to hear it here in Richmond. Today in literary history, plus he reads a poem. (5min)

That's about it. Sometimes I listen to smARThistory, but "smart alecks" about summarizes their podcast. It's two art historians wandering around NY museums pontificating about works of art. Low-quality, sort of condescending, but others of you may enjoy it. If so, let me know. I may be just missing something.

Which ones do you listen too? Put your recommendations in the comment box, or link me to your blog.