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Friday, July 28, 2006

"I took the challenge..."

..."and wrote a satirical song from The Liberal Perspective. Here it is, set to the tune of "O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing."

(I say, with quite a chuckle, thanks to this way clever contributor for her good humor and her ever amazing way with words...)

Convention came, we pulled a punch--
An act beyond the pale.
We chose to break bread "down the street."
We preferred our Eucharist veiled.

As Anglicans we can unite,
Colonized, oppressor – kin!
We answer to shared heritage:
Choir boys, Oxbridge, and gin.

We've called upon the Global South,
As equals – without fail!
Dixie's always meant to partner up.
Let's forget those Sambo tales!

"Come Catholics, Broad Church, Evies too;
Unite against one foe!"
Then Rick Warren saw my scapular;
He won't talk to me no mo'.

O rest assured, we'll storm to heav'n,
Address our friends as saints.
The Network took St. Peter's place
And will rule who's in and ain't.

Took my vows under cloak of night,
at last I am ordained!
I've only met my bishop once,
and I can't pronounce his name.

O for a single tongue to sing,
As one triumphant male.
No tunes in four-part harmony
or solos for uncle Gayle.