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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Most Offensive Post Ever...

I hate political jabs because I love my friends and colleagues on every side of current ECUSA debates so much, and I admire them and learn from them, so what's the point of hashing out the issues? Uggh. BUT, this thing is funny. I think everyone will find it funny. And Fr. WB was humming this tune the other day like mad, for some reason. So bear with me... A Conservative Wrote It, to be sung to the tune of "The Church's One Foundation." Ahem:

The Anglican Communion
Was mightily distressed
When bishops of ECUSA
Their heresies expressed,
And in Convention showed not
Repentance or regret,
But chose to walk their own path,
Firm in their own ways set.

Political correctness
And chic diversity --
These are our church's hallmarks,
And quite our cup of tea.
We follow where the winds blow,
We are the church of NOW.
We're new Episcopalians
And trendier than thou.

"To God alone be glory" -
This used to be our song.
With Kathryn Jefferts Schori
It likely won't be long
Before we change our story
And sing another tune -
Not Father, Son and Spirit,
But Mother, Child and Womb.

Our church has no foundation
And Christ is not her Lord.
She is our new creation
By our own mighty word.
The Bible's too oppressive,
And morals leave us bored.
Who then is our salvation?
It's our own selves - adored