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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dallas Sudanese

It was St. Augustine who said that the outreaching service that is the natural outgrowth of the love of Christ should best be lived out closest to one's immediate environ- charity abroad is misanthropy at home, or something like that. In other words, we should tend to the matters that are nearest at hand.

As you all know, Sudan has been on my heart for a long time; and just last week, our Lux Intellectus pointed out that we have a lot of Sudanese refugees here in my hometown of Dallas, Texas, with a lot of the young men working at my own local grocery store. Imagine my delight when I began discovering local outreaches to this community of displaced Sudanese right outside my back door!

So from now on, Monday nights will find me in a small apartment rented by a local Chinese church for the purpose of tutoring and just hanging out with some of the Sudanese children. I went on Monday evening with a friend; sure enough, we had hardly set foot in the door when we were accosted with a little bit of my beloved Africa- warm, boisterous greetings, hugs, clasping hands, welcome. I spent the rest of the hour camped out with a precious little girl in my lap, going over her ABC's.

We need school supplies, volunteers, ideas for good tutoring strategies. Interested? Send an email to us at newfaithful(at)!